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Clipsal Iconic

Clipsal ICONIC

Clipsal ICONIC ®

Welcome to the next generation standard platform

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ProGlow have set the highest standards in Power Point and Light Switch Connections,

with the Clipsal Iconic® Range.


In a residential new build, and existing home or residential renovation, we, at ProGlow, are always thinking to the future to ensure our clients are getting the latest in trending décor accessories for their light and power point switches.


ProGlow uses Clipsal Iconic infrastructure wiring and wall plates as STANDARD backings for all Light, Fan, Dimmer, USB, TV, AV and other internal power and light switch connections in NEW domestic home constructions across Melbourne.  We can also add value to your existing home by upgrading your current fittings.


From the outset of your building process, we’ll allow for Clipsal Iconic connections to be installed for your Power Point and Light Switches (using *Standard Vivid White Skin Plates with Translucent Edges), and then the choice is yours to upgrade to designer selections at any future time, with the ease of knowing that the infrastructure does not need to change – just the electric power point / switch covers (or skins) themselves.


Ask Us to Show You the Clipsal Iconic® Range of Power Point and Light Switches


Standard Clipsal Iconic® Skins

Vivid White, Warm Grey, Cool Grey and Anthracite.


Clipsal’s Iconic® Styl Skins

Silver, Crowne or Silver Shadow tones and have decorative feature panels that draw the eye, with a modern textural look, and a slim skin that will mix and match with your standard Iconic grid plates.  The aluminium base is anodised and durable, and the range gives you a satin finish that melds with your distinctive interior styling.


Clipsal’s Iconic® Essence Skins

Arctic White and Ash Grey, with Sustainable Birch Timber Edges that add natural warmth and a touch of natural class to your look.  The flat skin plate facing is made in ABS Colourfast, with a UV stabilised plastic for the main surface area.




Our Electrical Professionals will install electrical hardware that blends harmoniously with your colour palette and room accessories.  All you have to do is make optional and customised choices from those that are available to add value to your home with stylish efficiency.


You can:

- Match your power point and light switch skins to your home’s wall and trim colours

- Update your colour and keep up with interior home design trends every year

- Blend your look to suit your tapware, tiles and floorboards, and/or

- Select from flat plates/skins, or add a touch of texture.

Make your choice from:

- Metallic Aluminium Finishes, with rounded, translucent edges in Silver, Silver Shadow and Crowne, from the Clipsal Iconic® Styl Range

- Designs from the Clipsal Iconic® Essence Range, with their Birch Timber edges that blend with your décor

- Options to include Dimmers, Fan Switches, Pictogram Switch Buttons, LED Backlit Buttons, Nightlight Sensors, and USB Connector Points (with a handy device shelf included), and

-  Connection of any or all of the above to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) driven software as part of a Home Automation System. 







As seen on The Block (Channel 9) in 2019, the Clipsal Iconic brand also has many additional benefits for the end-user, such as:


1.      Clipsal Iconic offers unique safety features, which means you can change your actual switch cover to another colour with a simple click-off and click-on action.  The range of colours and stylish designs is already hugely popular and, as new designs for the plates become available, they’ll interchange just as easily to enhance the aesthetic look of your home.  You can even operate your switches and power points without the skins attached, as all wiring is covered and securely masked by Clipsal Iconic’s clever and functional design.


2.      When you renovate or change a room colour down the track, you can seamlessly update these plates by removing and replacing the colours and finishes on offer.  This may apply to a current homeowner, or a new buyer.  Gone is the idea of having to stick with what’s there or bring in an Electrician just to upgrade your switch plate colour scheme.  You can DIY in seconds and, in future, remove and replace these covers safely at any time (whether it’s for cleaning, painting or décor adjustment). 


3.      Everything is interchangeable, so you can upgrade your hardware and its capabilities when your budget allows.  Clipsal Iconic® has their finger on the pulse when it comes to understanding that not everyone has unlimited expendable income.  They offer choices that allow you to select what is affordable now, knowing that sometimes moving into your new home build takes precedence over having everything you desire straight away.  With the simple Iconic power point and light switch remove and replace process built into your home, those feature items can be easily added later on.


4.      With existing homes, you can incorporate the Clipsal Iconic® range into any or all rooms.  Unlike some other systems on the market, this system can be implemented into your current wiring either one (or all) room/rooms, or one wall fitting at a time.  This means you can go hard and update your whole house, or simply ask us to gradually install the infrastructure as required.  Home Renovators can then choose to work their way towards upscaling their switches and power points at will, and in-line with any budget constraints.

ProGlow can also provide information about other aspects of the Clipsal Iconic® Range, such as:

1.      Implementing instant connection points for TV Aerials, Audio Visual Equipment, Home Computers and Laptops, Smart Devices, Data Cabling, Landline Phones and HDMI.

2.      Structuring your connection points to service multiple devices throughout your home, or in your home office – on one or many base plates.

3.      Adding Motion Sensor Switches (movement-activated) or Night Lights for children, the elderly, or purely for aesthetic ambiance.

4.      Home Automation options.

We’ll show you how to enhance your current home, your next renovation or new build with beautiful Clipsal Iconic® hardware that will transform the way you live, complement your colours, and add futuristic style to your home for many years to come.


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