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Data & Communications

Data, Communications & Audio Visual Services

Get connected in your New Home with ProGlow Electrics


Building a new residential home, renovation or extension requires pre-planning and design for electrical cabling and wiring to cater for today’s ever-evolving technology, and at ProGlow Electrics we have the experience and expertise to take care of your entire data and communication set-up.  


Your new home theatre, communications equipment (including NBN), smartphone automation system and home security features all depend on being correctly connected for maximum efficiency and operational functionality.  You can rely on us to manage the consultation, design, supply and installation of the complete system, using the latest technologies to meet your needs.  


Our comprehensive approach is all about delivering tailored solutions to optimise where your outlets and equipment are placed, and how effectively your finished systems meet your expectations, and improve your ability to have finger-tip controls just where you need them.


Plan ahead for the future


We also explain the importance of planning for future expansion, or cabling options that will make it easier for you to add to your home data and communications equipment over time.  Planning for that extension you intend to build in four years’ time can be so much easier if you make a few tweaks to your data cabling design model from the beginning.  We’ll provide you with a visual plan for a system that both exceeds your expectations and provides easier living solutions in your home.


Our comprehensive range of services include:

  • Design and Layout Consultations

  • Data, TV and Communications Cabling

  • NBN Cabinets and Provisions

  • Data Cabinets

  • Smart Wiring

  • Home Theatre Designs and Installations

  • Speakers

  • Wall Mounting TV

  • Projectors

  • Wireless Access Points, and

  • Foxtel Pre-Wiring


We’re tidy, attentive to detail and we’re dedicated to exceptional customer service


ProGlow has a sophisticated scheduling program that keeps our customers informed if there is any anticipated delay in our arrival, or if parts are unavailable.  Because communicating with our customers is of prime importance to the success of our business, you’re guaranteed that we won’t leave you wondering.  Our staff all wear an easily recognisable uniform and will arrive in company vehicles with clear signage.  And when they leave your home after the job is done, you’ll hardly know they were ever there – because we make it a mandate to clean up our workspace completely.




NBN Ready

Fast internet services are an important inclusion in every new home, and at ProGlow Electrics we can ‘future proof’ all new homes by planning and installing the required NBN provisions.

In-home and external conduit provisions during construction are recommended as they allow property owners a simplified approach to connect to the NBN once they move in.


Ask about our secret NBN Cabinet deals


No-one likes to see a mass of messy cables lying on the floor or the bench.  Not only do they pose a safety and trip-zone risk, they also look unsightly.  Add to that the eventual tangles and confusion of what goes where, and you have a disaster on your hands. 


ProGlow Electrics will arrange for the installation of a custom-designed NBN Cable Cabinet.  There are size and other cabinetry options available to enjoy a “cables be gone” experience.  It’s just another advantage of dealing with ProGlow Electrics for all of your domestic electrical service needs.


As with everything we do at ProGlow Electrics,

all communications works are carried out by our Licenced Cablers. 



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