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ProGlow Electrics


Underground Electrical Services

ProGlow Electrics knows just how important it is to lay strong foundations for any new construction works on a Residential Home. 


When it comes to electrical connection foundations

we’re resolute in doing it once and doing it right!


Underground electrical works might be for an addition to an existing home, changing the electrical technology within an older home, or building a completely new residential home or development.  

Of course, when working on an existing home, there can be limitations on what new cabling and wiring can be achieved - depending on clearances in the subfloor space.  But, if there’s a way for us to make it work, we’ll find it and make the relevant ends meet, and be fully compliant to Australian Standards.


Our Specialist Equipment is Ready-to-go!

ProGlow’s Professional and Highly-qualified Team is supported by the investment we have made in having the right equipment on-hand.  We have a limited access excavator, bobcat, trenching machine, temporary power switchboard enclosures, and specialised cable hauling equipment ready to be deployed to a jobsite in no time at all. 


Talk to us today and we’ll outline our expertise when it comes to:

  • Underground Electrical Design Consultations

  • Underground Electrical Plans and Layouts

  • Underground Mains Cabling Installations

  • Temporary Builders Electrical Supply Underground 

  • Underground Service Wiring

  • Metering and Switchboard Connections and Upgrades

  • Group Metering Solutions

  • Multi-unit Underground Mains Power

  • Temporary Electrical Site Poles – Builder Power Poles with Aerial Wiring

  • Telecommunications / NBN Conduits

  • Cable Hauling

  • Pit Installations

  • Truck Appointments, and

  • Electrical Meter Connections, Inspections and Commissioning


We’re your experts in pre-planning to ensure that everything goes to plan and keeps your build on-schedule, so that other trades can be coordinated to keep your building project moving in all the right directions.


ProGlow Electrics builds strong and trusting relationships with all stakeholders and offers a full range of electrical services, from underground and upwards for:

  • New Homes

  • Residential Custom New Builds

  • Residential Townhouses

  • Multi-Unit Low-Rise Apartments

  • Knock-down Rebuilds

  • New and Reconfigured Underground Wiring and Data Cabling for Renovations and Extensions

  • Cross-yard Underground Wiring to New Entertainment Areas, Alfrescos, Pool Equipment, Pergolas and Property Shed Constructions, etc 


Every property has its limitations and quirks

As time moves, so does the speed and quality of technology and we, at ProGlow Electrics will be happy to advise you of cost-saving options, as well as give you honest and professional opinions about what is viable on your site.


Multiple variables may have to be taken into consideration with Underground Power Connections.  We’ll assess with a keen and cost-effective eye to bring you a quote that is realistic for the situation.


Considerations that will affect the accessibility and underground power connection possibilities include:

  • Natural land elevations (e.g. a very sloping block or rocky substrate may make your proposed works limited, and/or very costly)

  • Distance from the main street power source

  • Whether the Mains Power pit has been installed in the street (such as in new sub-divisions) – hence delays may have to be anticipated and planned around in your schedule from the outset of the build

  • The choices made in the job specifications – including data cabling requirements, mains power, NBN Cabling Provisions, special inclusions (e.g. Home Automation systems using Clipsal C-bus), and the size of the home itself.


We’ll weigh up the options for you, give you sound advice, and communicate with you fully so that you feel informed, assured and knowledgeable about any limitations that might be present. 


We can also adapt your plans when the specifications won’t work.  Architectural Designers do an amazing job of planning a home construction, but once underground works commence, the natural elements (such as rock and property slope) can become real barriers to reaching your goals.  We have the experience and know-how to ensure these things are discussed before we begin, so that unknown surprises are kept to a minimum - before the earth is moved for you.  This can save you not only time, but money, as being pre-warned allows you to consider alternative options in the ever-important planning stages of any home build or added construction.


As with everything we do at ProGlow Electrics,

all works are carried out by A Grade Licensed Electricians. 


We also guarantee our work through Warranty and Full Insurance - and we’ll supply you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety.




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